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Climbing the stairs, my heart thumped, I was here getting back to the old office, the second time.
I reached the entry point, and knocked the door.
A tall handsome guy opened it for me with a shy smile. I tell a thank you and breeze past him.
Sometimes we glide past few, without knowing how they would change your life in the coming times.
Next few days just flew by. Settling in the old office in the new joy and a nervousness surrounded by the younger blood.
Hovering over the daily tasks and asks, for the first time I noticed this tall handsome guy who had opened the door.
Tall, slim stature, with spiked hair, shyness brimming over yet not to miss the wittiness he carried.
It would be hard for any eyes to miss him.
As days went by, we all worked hard to deliver the work assigned to us. Sometimes the feeling was, we were all at war.
My daily communication had increased with this shy witty guy, work, coffee and lunch together.
As I came to know him more, he came across to be this gentle, caring, humble and kind hearted guy.
His handsomeness did reflect the caring, reticent heart.
If for the first time, anybody looked at him, they would call it pride. But more you know, it was a reflection of his gentleness.

Few years later, this tall handsome guy, stands tall as a bigger part of my life.
He is the second child I never had. Few meetings in life accidentally bring in crucial relationships into your life.
I saw him grow from a shy, gentle kid into a matured, caring and an accommodating man. He married his love and brought into the world his beautiful piece of heart.
Penning few lines for him, all I could say,

“The soul recognizes its piece and connects to it.
A connection so powerful that only few in the lifetime have embraced it.
Lucky I have been to have it in this life time; I do owe you – to have accidentally opened that door for me.
We have our differences and our own ways, things would not be the same ever again.
But yet the soul holds the memories so beautiful and content, that it knows – it has fulfilled its purpose.
Implicit faith in your abilities, to know one day you will reach the heights you deserve.
Together or not together, the soul is always watching over you and sending you its prayers”

Few relationships in life engrave a mark into your soul, allowing you to feel God himself.
Dedicated to the little one, which didn’t come from my womb, with whom I didn’t share the same mother, but yes it came from my soul!!!

2 thoughts on “SOUL Meet

  1. Wow, ‘soul recognizes it’s piece and connects to it’ is deep and poetic. Only a few will get to experience it. You are lucky!


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