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The impetus of SMILE CIRCUIT is to share the joys, celebrate our stories, beneath the challenges life keeps throwing and when somebody reads it, it should reverberate – “Ah ah, I know that feeling”.

Quote for the day
“We all yearn for what we have lost. But sometimes we forget what we have”
Mitch Albom

Latest Smile Posts
  • The Awareness
    As I was whiling away my time – lazing around, my friend sends me a message reminding me of May being a mental health awareness month. She was also responsible of turning me into an author of a book. We co-authored a book called “9 Wellness Hacks” – on mental health. It was book ofContinue reading “The Awareness”
  • The 13th Day
    As the May month starts, there is a weird restlessness mode in me. The memories of last year pandemic and its aftermath on many of us comes rushing back. Memories – sometimes do take a back seat, but when required, comes rushing back. It would be a year in May losing my father. They sayContinue reading “The 13th Day”
  • Last phase inquiry
    How do we stay connected in a rather busy noisy world? Video calls are the best way. All of us need conversations with ourselves, family, and friends. Conversations could be funny, serious at times or just a normal check. At times, its capable of initiating the line of thoughts, that had taken a backseat inContinue reading “Last phase inquiry”
  • When it taught me something
    The Diwali lights are spreading their joy across the streets, the crackers on their ever high and the people bustling around here and there. It’s a street full of joy, light and energy. The lights are always magical and crackers, a mode of insane energy and happiness. As I watch them from the comfort ofContinue reading “When it taught me something”
  • You are strong – Am I?
    I was cleaning up my living room when I received a call from one my friend. I had a long chat with her and at the end of the conversation, she told me “it was nice to see that you are so strong”. I smiled and replied, “Thank you”. Many have told me that IContinue reading “You are strong – Am I?”

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you make them feel.”

Maya Angelou