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The impetus of SMILE CIRCUIT is to share the joys, celebrate our stories, beneath the challenges life keeps throwing and when somebody reads it, it should reverberate – “Ah ah, I know that feeling”.

Quote for the day
“We all yearn for what we have lost. But sometimes we forget what we have”
Mitch Albom

Latest Smile Posts
  • Wellness Hacks
    23rd Feb 2021 – My dearest friend Bhavana and I – together published a book on mental wellness “9 Wellness Hacks” . Its not that we were trained to be authors, hers was the second book and mine the first. As we got closer to 23rd Feb this year, when we completed two years ofContinue reading “Wellness Hacks”
  • The LOVE I understood
    Here I go, finished watching a beautiful web series called “From Scratch”. It is a fine love story between an American Student and a Sicilian chef. Many a times, we all binge on series, movies, games etc., and derive a lot of comfort or discover meaning to something we have been searching for. So, whenContinue reading “The LOVE I understood”
  • The ridge gourd chutney
    My mother-in-law had come over to stay with us for some time. Her health didn’t allow her to eat many vegetables including the greens. I am not a very veggie loving person. I mainly love potatoes, spinach, carrots, lady fingers and these were out of her list. Though many veggies don’t catch my attention, butContinue reading “The ridge gourd chutney”
  • The Awareness
    As I was whiling away my time – lazing around, my friend sends me a message reminding me of May being a mental health awareness month. She was also responsible of turning me into an author of a book. We co-authored a book called “9 Wellness Hacks” – on mental health. It was book ofContinue reading “The Awareness”
  • The 13th Day
    As the May month starts, there is a weird restlessness mode in me. The memories of last year pandemic and its aftermath on many of us comes rushing back. Memories – sometimes do take a back seat, but when required, comes rushing back. It would be a year in May losing my father. They sayContinue reading “The 13th Day”

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you make them feel.”

Maya Angelou